'ORIGIN' the new collection by Evan Ducharme

written by Lana Linton

Evan Ducharme showed his latest collection, aptly titled ‘Origin’ in a small gallery space deep in East Vancouver on a late April Friday evening. The space was packed with media, buyers, fans, and most importantly, for this show in particular, family. Ethereal music played quietly, more a subtle background sound, than the typical commanding presence of most shows. The models, a combination of friends and pro’s walked slowly down the narrow runway in beautifully realized looks inspired by Evan’s origins.

The collection explores Ducharme’s fascination with his Metis heritage, and offers a sobering look into the struggles of Aboriginal peoples. The strongest look a cocoon silhouette, floor length, black canvas work coat with an army green turtle neck underneath seemed to glide down the runway in an other worldly manner. The sturdiness of the work coat was offset by endlessly flowing oxblood chiffon dresses that played with our eyes offering glimpses of flesh underneath. The dresses were finished off with intricately woven aboriginal belts. One of the pieces, a navy blue canvas utility jumpsuit, was bought right off one of the models backs that evening, which says quite a bit about how engrossing this collection really is. 

Ducharme certainly has a lot to say with ‘Origin,’ inspired by his Metis heritage, and how culture interacts with today’s society the collection offers a look into the mind of a sui generis and divergent young man. “It’s about bringing culture into the modern times,” he says when we meet after the show. The collection shows not only a reflection of culture but of modernity as well. Ducharme has an ethereal disposition, yet is friendly and charming. 

‘Origin’ is a saliently remarkable collection; each detail is royal and pointed in nature, filling out the collection with memorable moments and strong presence. The addition of the collaboration with Dominique Hanke of Hive Mind Millinery added charm and grace to an already otherworldly collection. Bravo to Mr. Ducharme on a successful and present show!

images by Marshall Heritage care of Paperroute