Dreamscapes of the Southwest

Dreams emanate from the depths of our consciousness in wondrous ways.   They conjure worlds we feel and breath while awake, but live and wander asleep. Worlds defining our seemingly inescapable reality.  Alone: desolate lands of death and infertility exposing a history of unrelenting suffering. Free: an infinite horizon, revealing an enlivening optimism and opportunity.  Alien: an eerily unfamiliar place where shadows mask uncovered truths and mystical occurrences inspire curiosity.

In the foreign lands of Southwest America, our imaginative spirit, both fearful and enthusiastic, finds an astonishing reality.  What we thought to only be of our deepest dream state comes alive as new sights.  The stark, parched, desert land of California swallowing the virility of plants and animals and sparing only the most persistent creatures.  Below, sandstone canyons in an infinity of orange, course narrowly through Navajo country, carved by eons of torrid waters.  An eerie mist languidly drifts over the voluminous Grand Canyon, conspicuously blotting out the warm, dusk sun.  The ferocious onslaught of incessant ocean waves pounding the jagged, rocky California coastline. 

Oddly, these places possess a sense of familiarity.  The smells, the sounds, the texture - all new.  Yet, it felt as though this was not the first time we had visited these undiscovered lands.  Perhaps it was before on some other temporal plane.  The natural wonders provide us with a warm comfort.  In some ethereal way we have already come to understand the mysticism these places bear.

photography by Lauren Zbarsky

words by Adon Moss